Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mold sweet Mold

[Courtesy of and the CDC]

"Mold is Gold" say a lot of people. With the amount of litigation out there, it might as well be for lawyers. For everyone else it spells another word: Bankruptcy. It's crazy how much people are being sued for the slightist negligence over the quality of life. Here is where cutting corners is definitely NOT a good idea.

People are getting sued left and right. Who? Not just facility managers, multimillionaire owners of commercial towers, or managers of huge industrial complexes. Average joes are getting creamed by the amount of lawsuits there are out there. Regular home owners. It's either get it done right or get health consequences and legal consequences. In our Northern Virginia area, we see this problem all the time.

In my experience, it seems like there is a lot that could be done to better inform the honest businessman/woman and homeowner about his/her problems, options, and what could be done to improve the situation.

Take a look at this ugly sucker under the microscope [the blue picture above]. It looks innocent right now, but wait until it invades your home or place of work, messes with your health, and eats into your savings. Not so innocent looking now, is it?


Blog Cruiser said...

This was very informative. Thanx

Do you have any article or web site that I can read about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues?

Sam said...

Mold is the deadliest fungus in the world. Once it invades your home, there is no way to completely eliminate it. So, it is always better to prevent it than remove it. Sometimes it's hard to detect hidden molds inside or behind the walls, drywall. But if you smell musty mold odors, it is an indicator of mold growth somewhere in your house.

NYCmoldRemoval said...
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NYCmoldRemoval said...

Commercially produced chemical mold removers can be very effective but should only be used with great care especially around children and pets. Strong, toxic chemicals should really only be handled by experienced professionals however, hiring such contractors can seriously damage your bank balance! But finding someone cheap and reliable can help you to get rid of this problem very easily.

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Mariel said...

One of the greatest problems that will come about from a dirty home is mold. This is a silent problem that we often don't even think about. This toxic substance develops in areas that are wet, dark, and dirty. There are a number of places in a home that it might grow and that you must learn to keep clean always.

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911restorationlosangeles said...
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911restorationlosangeles said...
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911restorationlosangeles said...

A home Mold Inspection is designed to inform a business or homeowner if they have toxic mold growth and is available through a Mold Removal or inspection company that is trusted by members of the community. The certified inspectors will ensure that the quality of the air in the workplace or home is safe.

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